How to Place Materials on Reserve

Electronic Reserve: Articles, Book Chapters, or Other Publications

The faculty member teaching the class or a proxy can add materials to Course Reserves. A proxy can be an administrative assistant, a student, or another instructor.

To add materials:

 1. Log into Course Reserves with your Emory NetID.

 2. For articles available electronically at Emory: 

  • Do not post pdf copies if the article is available online. (If no full text is available electronically, scanned copies of articles from journals in print at Emory can be uploaded as pdfs.)
  • Create stable links using the link generator within Course Reserves or go to to create a link.   
  • All electronic items will be sent to the Course Reserves copyright queue for review. Once an item has been checked for copyright compliance it will be visible in the class materials. If the item is found to be in violation of copyright it will not be cleared through the queue. For more information on copyright permissions and eJournals please click here. 

For inquiries please phone the Information Desk at (404) 727-8727 or send a request via Ask A Librarian. 

Reactivate Electronic Reserve Materials

When items are reactivated, the information for the item will display. It is necessary to check and edit the item to be sure that the information is complete and up-to-date.  If a pdf of an article was previously used, it is necessary to check if the electronic version is available and to change the pdf to a link if one is available. If the system does not prompt you to “get URL”, then go to the url generator and add additional information at

Class Reserves: Books or Other Print Items

If  the book is available at Emory Libraries, use Ask A Librarian to request that the book be placed on Class Reserve. Please include: the title, the author, and the call number for the book, as well as the name of the course, the course number, and the instructor’s name. Requests for books should be placed in advance of the start of the semester to assure that the book is available and not already checked out by students.

  • If the item is your personal copy, please bring it to the Information Desk in the Health Sciences Center Library.
  • For assistance, please phone the Information Desk at (404) 727-8727 or Ask A Librarian.