Link to Full Text

Linking to Full Text

In order to access full text articles from database search results, always access the database through the library database page. From the search results, click on the next to the citation or abstract.

  • The electronic availability of the full text article will be indicated under the heading "Online." If available, click on the "Go" button to get the full text article.
  • If no online full text is available, click on the discoverE link under "Check for Print Copies" to see if a print copy of the journal is available.
  • If the article is not available either electronically or in print, use the Interlibrary Loan

Articles may also be located by looking for a specific journal title in discoverE or eJournals

Finding Articles with Incomplete Citation

If a citation to an article does not include all of the necessary information (journal volume, page number, authors), follow these steps to find the complete citation:
  • Start at Woodruff Health Sciences Center Library website.
  • Go to Databases, click on PubMed
  • Click on "Single Citation Matcher" in the center column.
  • Enter the known citation information in the form.
  • A list of one or more citations will appear.
  • Click on the correct one; useto link to the article.