Tips & Training

DNASTAR Lasergene

Lasergene has a great set of short video tutorials available here.


BIOBASE Knowledge Library

  • Video Tutorials for BIOBASE applications can be found here.
  • For archived training sessions and training manuels for BIOBASE applications click here.

GeneGo MetaCore

Training Materials for MetaCore are available when you are logged into MetaCore under the Help Menu under the heading Tutorials and Training.  Additional training materials can be requested from Jeremy Kupsco,

Open Helix

Suite of Professional tutorials on Public Genomic and Proteomic Databases, Click Here to Access


Open Helix PubMed Tutorial, Click Here

UCSC Genome Browser

Open Helix's UCSC Genome Browser Tutorials:


Open Helix's Ensemble Tutorial

EMBL-EBI Ensembl workshop


Open Helix's Galaxy Tutorial